In times of uncertainty, we often take extra steps to mitigate risks. The Brexit vote has required every company, and a lot of employees, to pause and review their next steps. The UK is about to begin an unprecedented period of change creating unique challenges and opportunities.
Over recent weeks, Page Executive has seen a significant number of enquiries for Change Managers and Interim Consultants to offer external specialist advice on what options will be available following the vote to leave. It appears that the business world is positioning itself for change. The demand for these specialists is unprecedented and we’ve drawn on our extensive database and relationships to meet this demand. Companies are preparing for the change in the country and economy and are ensuring they are in a strong position to make the most of every opportunity it presents.
For companies requiring a heavyweight manager who can make a real difference, but are reluctant in the current climate to take someone full time, recruiting an interim manager could be the answer. During times of uncertainty, companies can be reluctant to hire permanent employees and they can also take longer to make decisions over the recruitment process. found that from 2004 – 2008 the average recruitment process in Britain took 66 days. However, when the economy started to become uncertain, the process began to take a lot longer; in 2009 the length of time from briefing to hire was 96 days, a significant 44% increase. The hiring process timeframes decreased again once the economy became more settled.
With the future of Britain leaving the EU raising questions around our economy perhaps hiring an interim is the perfect solution. As an independent external resource, interim managers bring a fresh perspective to an organisation. They give an objective view on what is best for a business and are able to contribute honestly without being seen as a threat to the incumbent management team. Professional interim managers are talented, results-driven individuals dedicated to driving change and making a difference. Generally employed at board level or to work closely with board, they have the credibility to affect change and transition rapidly.
If you have not considered how your business will be affected by the Brexit vote now is the time to take action. While no manager or leader has experienced what it means for the UK to leave the EU, there are interim professionals who have made a career from managing organisations through periods of upheaval and, perhaps more importantly, mitigating the negative effects that uncertainty can bring. Page Executive is extremely well placed to help you find them.
Are you looking to hire an interim professional or a Change Manager? Are you looking to take the next step in your interim career? Or are you simply looking for some further advice on the interim recruitment market? Please contact Robert White now for a confidential discussion.