The Seven Secrets of Leadership

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The Seven Secrets of Leadership


Secret #3: International agility – today’s must have attribute

What makes a great global leader? Page Executive interviewed over forty business leaders across Asia Pacific and Australia, Europe and the Americas for their views on leadership. The result of this work is a series of short articles on the topic of leadership that we are pleased to share with you. These articles encapsulate the opinions of the global leaders we interviewed, who generously shared their views on what constitutes success in a global leader, as well as offering advice to the next generation of leaders.

In a global market it is critical for leaders to have an international background and to show proven intercultural awareness and skills. It’s essential that they can demonstrate that they have lived and worked abroad, even better if this was in a non-protected environment, where they were autonomous and had to succeed or fail by their own efforts.

Seeing through the world’s eyes

[An international outlook brings a broader understanding of foreign markets and cultures]A leader’s personal cultural background is no longer the only lens through which they can view the world. An international outlook brings a broader understanding of foreign markets and cultures – how people live, buy, sell, communicate, interact and reach a decision in these cultures. This awareness increases a manager’s international effectiveness as a leader of people and the business.


Develop cross-cultural understanding

To succeed in global leadership, leaders must constantly refresh their cultural fitness to intermediate between cultures. The leader of the future is culturally intelligent and knows how to adapt when negotiating, influencing, inspiring or even just listening to others.

In addition, they should embrace and build teams that encompass the diversity that drives greater innovation, and have a sound knowledge and understanding of global markets.

Our clients say…

“Live and work abroad. Learn how to act as a bridge between cultures.” Chief HR officer, Financial services, Germany

Interested to hear more? We have four further secrets of leadership which will be published here soon.