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Through my years of experience in recruitment, my golden rule is that you should never stop learning. That’s the only way to stay ahead of the game.

As Managing Partner for France & Southern Europe, Marlène Ribeiro is an invaluable asset both to Page Executive and to any client who has the pleasure to work with her.

She first graduated as an engineer before moving into IT consultancy, which helped set the stage for her switch to a career in recruitment in 2005. Never one to get comfortable, she has specialised in everything from technology and media to auditing and consulting, and has held a string of management positions along the way.

She hash held her current role at Page Executive since January 2023, Marlène has shown herself to be a natural innovator among her colleagues and in her search for leadership and C-suite roles. Her reputation is down to keeping an eye on the wider world, making sure executive search moves in line with society at large. Marlène has seen recruitment strategies evolve over the years, and is now a proud promotor of gender parity in leadership, speaking on the subject at various events around France.

Marlène offers a professional, trusting partnership that makes even the most complex assignment feel easy. But don’t be fooled. Her relaxed attitude is backed by a wealth of industry knowledge and experience that are tough to find elsewhere. From the top multinationals to the earliest startups, when working with Marlène, it’s obvious that you’re dealing with an expert, but one who keeps communication free-flowing and easy-going. 

As you can see, Marlène isn’t your run-of-the-mill recruiter, and as such, you’d have a hard time guessing what she does outside the office. She keeps her hand in the business side of things, sitting on the remuneration committee of a consulting company and working as Chair for their Environmental and Social Governance committee. 

But it’s not all work and no play. Marlène has an artistic flair, drawing her own comics and taking a keen interest in street art.

Placement Record

  • CIO – Oil and Gas Industry
  • Chief Data Officer – Financial Services
  • CIO – Professional Services
Marlène Ribeiro
Managing Partner
France & Southern Europe
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