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Global Talent Trends 2023

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How to unlock the ‘Invisible Revolution’ for effective leadership

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Combining information from 69,532 participants across 37 markets7,700 of whom currently work in senior leadership positions – our study provides an end-to-end perspective of global leaders and employees, revealing their mindsets and drivers.

The findings we have uncovered from our recent talent study will provide value to top level managers, especially when placed within the context of the major recruitment trends that have recently been impacting all sectors. 

Anthony Thompson, CEO Page Executive

Thompson CEO, Page Executive

The world of talent has undergone an irrevocable transformation

As a result, senior leaders like you have been forced to reassess their approach to not only how they manage talent, but how they develop their own careers and skillsets too. In the face of the Invisible Revolution, knowledge is power.

We hope you enjoy the insights and takeaways! 


About Page Insights

Page Insights is at the forefront of data and insight-led decision-making, leveraging talent intelligence and market data to equip our clients with invaluable insights into the motivations, attitudes, and values of talent. By understanding talent as humans better, we can provide a comprehensive solution that fosters better empathy, enabling our clients to make more informed and strategic recruitment decisions. With our robust and intelligent talent strategy platform, you can elevate your recruitment process to a whole new level of efficiency and effectiveness.

About Global
Talent Trends

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In its inaugural year, the Page Insights Global Talent Trends report represents the most comprehensive and robust study of skilled professionals across all industries. This report combines data-driven talent trends with actionable insights into the 2023 job market to help businesses navigate the shifting labour market and shape talent strategies for their organisations.

A total of 69,532 participants were surveyed across 37 markets in Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, South America, and the Middle East over Q4 2022 and Q1 2023.

The report also provides an end-to-end and complete understanding of talent to reveal their motivations, attitudes, perceptions, beliefs, and values and the drivers within the hyper-local and global talent landscapes in key areas such as salary, culture, and values, work-life balance, DE&I and talent development. Available in global, regional and local editions. 

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