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Building a diverse digital workforce for the future

Date: Wednesday 9th September 2020
Time: 10:00 am - 11:00 am (BST) 


Host: Sheri Hughes, UK Diversity and Inclusion Director at PageGroup 
Speaker: Amy Gornall, Strategic Development Manager at Doris

Now, more than ever, embracing change and adapting to new ways of working is key to attracting and supporting a diverse workforce. 

With approximately £3.032tn spent on technology each year, it is clear that the future is digital. However, the digital skills gap could cost the UK £141bn in GDP growth by 2030 – is your businesses equipped with the skills to thrive? 

Key areas of focus will include the following:

• How can we attract and retain talent to build our future workforce?
• How do organisations and industries as a whole benefit from diversity, culturally and financially?
• What do professionals from different generations expect and want from work?
• How can we work together to build a successful workforce of the future in a post-Covid world?

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