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In 2022, the shareholders and stakeholders of many large organisations are holding leadership teams to account when it comes to creating a gender inclusive environment for their workforce. Gender equity is a hot topic of conversation amongst business leaders – there is a huge need to ensure each employee is equal in terms of rights, benefits, obligations and opportunities. 

Now is the time for leaders to do right by their employees and their business. In our upcoming webinar, we’ll share the journey of two executive business leaders who have navigated D&I conversations throughout their careers. They shared their experiences in creating truly inclusive teams from leadership level and below. 

This session included insights on a range of topics, including: 

  • Why gender inclusion is still a business-critical conversation
  • Lessons in gender equity 
  • Realities and practicalities in gender hiring 
  • Key takeaways to improve gender representation within your organisation

There was also an eventful Q&A with our expert speakers at the end.

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  • Event speakers


    Kyra Cordrey, Head of Page Consulting, PageGroup 


    Angela Seymour-Jackson, Chair of PageGroup

    Rear Admiral Jim Macleod CB CVO, Business Transformation Consultant, PageGroup