The objective of this study is to reflect the current salary situation for the main positions that make up companies’ steering committees in Portugal, taking into consideration the turnover of the company as well as the sector and its trends. The figures come from the selection processes that we have managed to date, and the numerous candidates we have evaluated.

In an increasingly competitive, uncertain, globalised and highly digitised professional environment, talent becomes a differentiating factor. Today, companies are facing the challenge of defining and implementing policies focused on identifying, attracting, retaining, and developing talent. In addition, it is essential to maximise the performance of all generations of professionals who are working together, yet whose expectations may differ.

An organisation whose purpose is based on putting its people at the center of its strategy, culture and values will be viewed as an attractive employer within the labor market. Companies that succeed in attracting the best talent over the long term will undoubtedly reach a better position with respect to their competitors. The monetary remuneration – fixed and variable – together with the other benefits and emotional salary are still the key factors to building a high-performing and motivated team. That said, knowing where each organisation stands and how it compares, in general, to the market and its competitors, becomes essential to ensuring a strong business result in the short, medium, and long term.

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