Page Executive was recently recognized as one of America’s top 40 executive search firms as part of America’s Best Executive Recruiting Firms for 2020 by Forbes.

This is the biggest award Page Executive USA has been chosen for, and it is special for me and for the company for many reasons. Most importantly, it was peer selected and voted, and this says something about our business practices, the impact we have on the market, and indeed, our visibility as a trusted partner in executive search.

Something else that I think is important to remark on is, in terms of the rest of the Top 100, we are one of the most recently formed. Page Executive has had offices open across the globe since 2012, but I launched the Page Executive brand here in the States in 2015. To think that in those five years we have reached this level of recognition by recruiters, hiring managers and company leaders, it is a tremendous achievement.

I also feel this is evidence that the wider market recognizes the proposition of Page Executive, our professional capabilities and our reach. Objectively, there are two elements at play here. One is that our fellow recruiters see our value in the market and that they are aware of us as competitors.

The other element is the recognition by CHROs, hiring managers, and other in-company specialists. The fact that both groups placed such a ‘young’ executive search firm so high up, amongst boutique specialists and market players, is recognition we appreciate.

Essentially, we reached the ranking of 33rd by exclusively offering recruitment services at an executive level, which again highlights the quality and talent of our professionals. Many of our C-level candidates have an outsized effect on the businesses we place them in, and this level of trust is something you have to a) work to get and b) work even harder to retain.

I believe we built that trust by focusing on three main components of recruitment: consistent quality, hiring capability and market knowledge. Our consultants have an innate ability to penetrate the market for clients, understanding how to find the right people with the right culture fit.

And of course, market knowledge is vital – you need to know the players, the people, and understand the sector. If you can get these three things in sync, the greater the impact you can have on the exec search market.

As recruiters, we need to recognise the things that we are special at, such as human persuasion and emotional connection, which we can and should offer all our candidates and clients. The more we as recruiters recognise the human elements of our work, the better we can stay ahead of the game.

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