Diversity in finance: How to attract, support, and enable women to succeed

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) are becoming major priorities in today’s business landscape, with study after study showing the benefits of having talent from a range of backgrounds, particularly at the leadership level. In particular, research has comprehensively shown that having more women at the leadership level is correlated with more innovation and better commercial performance. 

Despite this, however, many sectors remain male-dominated at the leadership level, and the finance sector is certainly no exception to this. But how can companies in finance ensure that gender diversity targets result in visible progress and tangible results? What should aspiring female leaders in finance do to give themselves the best chance of progressing in their careers, and of finding employers with a true commitment to workplace gender equality?

To learn from someone who has already been on this exact journey, we discussed the topic with Rikkya Okker, Manager Director of Transformation Planning and Finance at Barclays. The conversation covered how she gauges an organisation’s commitment to D&I, how she drives inclusion as a finance leader, and the importance of a happy workforce, and much more. 

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