Is flexible working for millennials?


In this on-demand webinar, our guest speaker Charles Bouaziz, Partner at PAI Partners speaks with Raphael Asseo, Partner at Page Executive Switzerland and Christophe Rosset, Managing Director of Page Executive Continental Europe, to discuss Charles' "career by accident," insights into the world of private equity and how to successfully manage any company.


Charles teaches us some important reflections on his experience being the CEO of Ontex, the President of PepsiCo and a current partner at PAI Partners. He reminds us that as leaders you need to "Enjoy what you do - if you don't, do something else," "take care of your people because your people are your biggest asset," and to always "maintain a healthy curiosity."


Watch the webinar recording if you:

  • Have ever been curious about private equity and want to know more
  • Want to know the similarities and differences between private equity and listed companies
  • Want some advice from an accomplished CEO
  • Want to know how to build a solid team of executives.


If you have any questions feel free to contact the hosts.


Christophe Rosset

Christophe Rosset
Managing Partner, Continental Europe
[email protected]

Raphael Asseo

Raphael Asseo
Partner, Switzerland
[email protected]


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