2019 was a dynamic year for employment, despite uncertainty about the global economy which caused caution in markets across all regions.

Planned recruitment projects remained stable or increased slightly, as companies faced the challenges of defining and implementing policies focused on identifying, attracting, retaining and developing talent.

With this study Page Executive aims to reflect the current salary ranges of senior positions in Spain, also looking at corporate turnover in business sectors and the related trends.

This year the Page Executive Remuneration Study focuses on the main economic drivers of Spain: Banking & Insurance, FMGC, Retail, Industry, Tax & Legal and Health & Life Sciences.

In an environment that is increasingly competitive, uncertain, globalised and highly digital, talent has become the great differentiator.

It is essential for enterprises to maximise the performance of all the generations in their workforce, while respecting their different expectations of the very nature of work. In the long term, organisations that attract the best talent will be better positioned than their competitors to grow into the future.

Monetary compensation (fixed and variable), along with social benefits and ‘emotional salary’, are today key factors in building a properly motivated, high-performance team. Each organisation needs to understand its positioning, i.e. how it compares in general to the market and to its direct competitors, so it can meet the planned short, medium and long term objectives.

In this regard, the march of digital transformation has created a context defined by the ever-increasing importance of data and analytical skills. This goes hand in hand with the creation of working environments and policies that have a more human approach, where employees are cherished and treasured for their skills. 

We are moving towards a paradigm shift in which companies face the challenge of building and communicating new values, implementing more flexible models and adopting measures that facilitate better work-life balance across all levels of seniority.

In an uncertain, globalised and highly digitalised environment, talent, specialisation and swift adaptation to new trends have become key factors in the success of a business.

And only companies that have the right teams will manage to succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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