Webinar HLS Page Executive

Driving innovation through AI and Technology.... 

Join Page Executive in collaboration with EY-Parthenon for this global session exploring the transformative role of artificial intelligence in the Healthcare & Life Sciences industry.

(Original date: 15th April 2024)

Our expert panel delves into the present and future of AI adoption in HLS, looking at:

- How to leverage AI to drive efficiencies while enhancing customer experience
- The imperative renewal of skill sets and the upskilling of teams to integrate the latest technologies, specifically C-suite executives seeking to align their commercial strategies with AI advancements
- Identifying the pivotal roles of the C-suite and strategies for organisations to harness human capital effectively
- Exploring the governance and ethical frameworks surrounding the increased use and deployment of AI


Angela Yang, Partner, Page Executive


Amkidit Afable, Partner, EY Parthenon
Chiradeep Mukherjee, Director, EY Parthenon
Alex Bates, Managing Director, Group Data, Insights & Activation, PageGroup

Watch now: 


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