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Finance and IT Director – Multinational Manufacturing Company – The Netherlands


Our client is a LSE premium listed company with a €17bn turnover. For one of their European divisions with some 1,350 employees and 30 locations in Europe, Page Executive was assigned to find a Finance & IT Director with a track record in change management and IT project management within a manufacturing and listed multinational company.


The initial brief was provided by the company’s HR director, who guided us through the history, current situation, strategy and outlook of the company and vacant position, including but not limited to the culture of the company and its focus on growth. The additional brief was given by the hiring manager, the managing director, who was looking for a sparring partner. The terms of employment were agreed upon seven weeks after we had our first meeting with the client.


With the support of our researchers, we identified, interviewed and briefed candidates and introduced a shortlist of the five most suitable candidates in the third week after kicking off.  After a string of well planned interviews with the client we took references from previous managers on the preferred candidate and managed to come to an agreement on the terms of employment four weeks after the client and candidate first met.

Client Testimonial

During this recruitment process I have noticed that the approach of Page Executive is characterised by a high level of efficiency. We had personal contact on a regular basis and there was a lot of attention for the desired personality of the candidate. Of course, the functional qualities of the candidate are important, but equally important is the chemistry of the candidate with the various team members: you hire for attitude, you train for skills. We were very impressed when Page Executive needed relatively little time to find the perfect candidate.


- HR Director