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Supply Chain Director - McDonalds/Arcos Dorados Holdings – Mexico


Arcos Dorados is the largest operator of McDonald’s restaurants in Latin America and the world’s largest McDonald’s franchisee. They were seeking a Supply Chain Director for their Mexican and Central American operations to be based in Mexico City. As in most cases, the challenge of the assignment was finding a candidate with the right alignment with company values to lead a thriving team, constantly striving for growth and best practice. The new Supply Chain Director would need to sustain and assure performance within a company that has achieved an impressive growth within the region.

PageGroup has a good relationship with Arcos Dorados in Mexico, having helped them identify talent for key positions. Given this experience, Arcos Dorados turned to Page Executive to search for such an important role, the new Supply Chain Director.


A set of meetings were held with all the stakeholders involved in the process, including director of HR, country manager (dotted report) and regional VP (direct report) in order to develop a holistic view of their needs and expectations regarding the process and the candidate.

During these meetings a brief of the position and a list of target sectors and companies were defined. The first set of organisations included direct competitors, the second set was compromised of companies that manage perishable consumer goods, and the third set were providers for McDonalds.

The identification of potential candidates was made using direct approaches as well as our extensive network. All potential candidates were interviewed to identify their key competencies, as well as to ascertain how their professional background could apply to the requirements of the position, their potential fit to Arcos Dorados corporate culture and their motivations for a new challenge and for the position itself.


During the kick-off meeting the agenda for the search was set. A weekly report was to be sent regarding the status of the process. During the first week candidates with either current or previous experience working for target companies were identified and immediately approached. During the second and third week interviews were held while, in parallel, we continued to identify potential candidates. During the fourth week, after an extensive screening, we defined a list of four candidates that best fit the client requirements regarding both technical and soft skills, during this period professional references were also taken. From there on we assisted Arcos Dorados with their internal process until the final negotiation with the selected candidate. The search came to a successful closure in less than four months.

Client Testimonial

Due to a successful track record working with Page Executive, we believe you have come to understand our company’s culture and main challenges, elements we consider key in order to succeed in attracting the best candidates for our company. Along with a personalised service and the commitment of their consultants we were able to successfully hire the ideal candidate in a time frame corresponding to our expectations.


- Guadalupe Hernández – HR Director