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COVID-19 Risk Webinar – Emerging from Uncertainty

Since the very beginning of the coronavirus outbreak at the turn of the year, attitudes and approach to risk have been very much top of mind for governments, employers and citizens across the world. Although many of the risks associated with Covid-19 are not yet fully understood, given we are still in the relatively early stages of the pandemic, they can be broadly split into two, interconnected camps: health and economics.

In this webinar, run in partnership with global advisor RSM, we focused on the latter. In particular, we discussed how companies can balance business as usual against new priorities, as the UK begins to lift lockdown restrictions and attempts to return to ‘business as usual’. We also considered which emerging risks organisations should also be considering, from cyber attacks to fraud.

 RSM risk specialists were on hand to answer questions from attendees and share their thoughts on what they are seeing in the marketplace around business/people and technological risk.

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