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By enabling and supporting trans employees to be themselves, your organisation will not only benefit from the experience of this diverse community, but you’ll also be promoting acceptance and building knowledge amongst other employees. This will help build a better place to work for everyone, increase retention rates and attract new top talent. 

But how do you cultivate a truly trans-inclusive environment? And what steps should your business be taking to build a supportive network and stop workplace discrimination in its tracks? 

In our most recent webinar, we heard expert insights from D&I guru Emma Cusdin, Director of Global Butterflies, an organisation that helps businesses become trans and non-binary inclusive. With over 20 years’ experience in human resources, Emma is an award-winning role model in the business sector for LGBT+ people.

Key insights included: 
•    First steps on creating a non-binary and trans-inclusive workplace 
•    Advice on talent attraction 
•    How to be an ally for all LGBTQI+ employees 
•    Tips on busting myths and preventing discrimination
•    Training solutions and takeaways for your business 

There was also a lively Q&A at the end. Register today for full access to this on-demand webinar. 

Register for access to this insightful discussion today. 

  • Event speakers


    Sheri Hughes, UK Diversity & Inclusion Director, PageGroup


    Emma Cusdin, Director, Global Butterflies