Where is your organisation on their ESG journey?

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives have taken on huge significance in today’s business landscape due to the growing demand for climate action amongst consumers. As well as this, top talent increasingly expect transparency around issues of sustainability and social responsibility within companies – they want to know they’re working for a proactive and future-focused organisation. 

That’s why now is the time for your business to get ready for success in the new ESG era and learn how to introduce ESG criteria into your business strategy.

In our recent webinar, PageGroup hosted a panel of expert business leaders to provide key insights into the world of ESG. We also discussed: 

  • How do you embark on your ESG journey? 
  • How does ESG link together? And what are the most important factors? 
  • Real-life examples of ESG in action: Pitfalls and successes to learn from

There was also an insightful Q&A with expert speakers at the end.

Register for access to this insightful discussion today. 

  • Event speakers


    Kyra Cordrey, Commercial Director, PageGroup 


    Chris McCann, Founder, Resilient.World

    Stephen Hogan, Director, Exogeny Consulting 

    Madeleine Szeluch, Investor Relations ESG Director, Novartis