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FREE ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Why inclusive leadership is key in a crisis

At this time of global uncertainty, workforces are looking to their leaders for clear direction and reassurance more than ever. However, the current social distancing measures mean that many managers are leading their teams remotely – which brings a whole raft of its own challenges. 
In partnership with Page Executive, Dan Robertson, Director at VERCIDA Consulting shared his insights on key areas for inclusive leadership in this free webinar.
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As Director of VERCIDA Consulting, Dan Robertson is a global expert on leadership and inclusion at work. As part of his work with organisations transforming the workplace into a diverse and inclusive environment, Dan challenges the traditional ways of thinking about diversity and inclusion to help prepare businesses for the future of work. Dan is the Chair of the Lord Mayor of London’s Power of Inclusion Network, and in 2019, he was named by Hive Learning as a top 50 D&I global influencer.