How are small and mid-cap Italian companies faring in today’s global market? Certainly, the picture is more reassuring than it has been previously. Many of these companies have robust strategies for growth and internationalization. However, they still need to improve in some key areas if they are to achieve their full potential.

Diversity is not only related to gender but also to disability, race, age, sexual orientation, religion, economic status, educational and cultural background.

The Benefits of Diversity into Italian Boardrooms

A visible commitment to the different types of diversity and inclusion in the boardroom speaks volumes to your employees and customers. A diverse board will make better strategic decisions to guide the future of the company. These days, the most effective boards foster a dynamic and collaborative environment. Trust is implicit and diverse opinions are supported.

Change is happening — but is it happening quickly enough? As companies recover from the pandemic and push forward with initiatives like digital transformation, skills gaps are emerging in their ranks. Strengthening boards of directors by putting greater focus on diversity would help fill those skills gaps.

The Key Findings of Our Research on Diversity into Italian Boardrooms

This research summarizes the key findings of a study on boards of directors of the FTSE Italia Small Cap index of 120 companies. The aim was to assess the current diversity of Italian boardrooms so that we could weigh the progress already made against what needs to be done.

Some of the results may surprise you! We hope you enjoy the findings.

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