In the challenging and fast-paced hiring landscape of 2022, businesses need to attract untapped talent pools in order to thrive. Diversity of all kinds contributes to creativity, innovation, and competitiveness. The greater the diversity of your staff, the more unique ideas and perspectives you'll be able to bring to any given problem, and that includes neurodiversity.

In our expert-led webinar, we explored workplace neurodiversity and reveal best practice for attracting neurodiverse candidates, and crucially, how to create a culture of inclusion in the workplace.  

Our expert panel covered key topics including:

  • What is neurodiversity, and how does it affect employees
  • How the pandemic has affected neurodiverse talent and those looking for employment
  • Why companies need to broaden their talent pool by hiring in this area
  • The business benefits of hiring neurodiverse talent 
  • What more employers can do to make a truly inclusive workplace

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