Yvonnne Siow

With the continued focus to integrate ESG into Corporate Strategy & Operations, Page Executive is keen on playing our part to help draw stronger awareness within our business community by launching our latest Conversation with Social Impact Leaders online.

In every episode, we are going to invite one leader from the social impact sector (non-profit, public, social enterprise, education) to share more about his/her passion in this arena as well their advice and tips on the marketplace.

This time, Page Executive's Gabriel Nam speaks to Yvonne Siow, Head, OneSight EssilorLuxottica Foundation (ASEAN). Here are some of the key highlights from the conversation:

What is the advantage and challenge of working for a foundation affiliated to a big organization?

Today's challenges just got bigger and more widespread. Access to world class resources and network from a big organization, coupled with leveraging on corporate solutions have a better chance of moving the needle and helping to alleviate more pain points. 

Access to corporate funding and pipeline of volunteers means you can concentrate on delivery humanitarian KPIs.

In fact, my wish is that more foundations will operate in a more corporatized manner in order to reach greater efficiency in order to reach the impact and scale needed to solve increasing complex problems.

What motivates you to decide to move from marketing to philanthropy?

Early in my career, I was doing marketing, business development and sales. The material rewards were of course exponential but morally, I felt like a bankruptcy. After getting involved in my first charity expedition, I cant unsee what I have seen.

Thereafter, I wanted to use my entrepreneurial resources to help create solutions for the marginalized communities. As the rewards in philanthropic sector pale in comparison to the corporate world, I felt obliged to continue the work with my expertise since this sector doesnt attract top talents to be in this space. At a blink of an eye, I have crossed a decade working in this space!

Outside your full time job, you have also been actively engaged in various community projects and also serving as board members. How do you strike a balance?

I believe it is a matter of perspective. I don’t see this as a job. All my actions are an integral part of my lifestyle and an extension of my personality.

I derive immerse joy when I see scores of volunteers' life transformed as a result of their heart to serve and when our beneficiaries receive much needed help and support. Since I am mindful of using my time and energy well to achieve maximum impact, I am very selective of the projects I undertake so my efforts can serve as an amplification and multiplier.

From a philanthropic perspective, how do you compare Asia landscape vs other markets?

Asia holds great potential for being the growth engine for the world at this moment. The second generation of Asian's wealthiest families have been exposed to the giving nature of Americans.

They are actively looking for ways to incorporate this into their family businesses as this ideology of giving and being planet-friendly is very much a part of their education. 

Singapore is well placed to take the lead in building up this culture of giving in new and innovative ways for the region. Technology for instance, will be deployed to leapfrog current and often old ways of doing philanthropy. Web3, Metaverse and AI will all be at the forefront to turn Asia into a philanthropic powerhouse. I am so hopeful and excited about these new possibilities and look forward to bridging these into my sector.



About The OneSight EssilorLuxxotica Foundation
The OneSight EssilorLuxottica Foundation is a registered charitable organization, reflecting the commitment and values of EssilorLuxottica to help eliminate uncorrected poor vision in a generation. Founded by EssilorLuxottica, the OneSight EssilorLuxottica Foundation is headquartered in France, with offices and programs around the world.

About Yvonne Siow
Yvonne is currently the Head, OneSight EssilorLuxottica Foundation (ASEAN) + Co-founder, PlayPan - PlayFor Good. As a strong collaborator with a strategic focus on building community and scaling philanthropy and social impact works, she is an advocate for brands and businesses to be a force for good. Leveraging on years of diverse experiences in corporates, non-profit, advisory and board roles, Yvonne is driven by what we can collectively reimagine and repurpose for the greater good of people and planet.

About Gabriel Nam
Gabriel is the Partner of Page Executive, leading the ESG, Strategy and Transformation practice in Asia. Based in Singapore with Asia-wide coverage, Gabriel advised his clients on senior-level executive searches across industries throughout Asia. In addition, Gabriel is also an active member in conducting senior talents searches in social impact and business/professional services sectors with 15+ years of experience in research, recruitment/executive search, and leadership roles at various organizations. 

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