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At any stage of your career, allowing room for growth means remaining open to a breakthrough – even an unexpected one. I recently had such an experience as a result of a positive candidate interaction. I did not realize it at the time, but something about that conversation had a far a bigger impact on me than I could have imagined.

Something was missing

I have spent the majority of my past 14 years in recruitment focused primarily on leading and growing teams, offices, and brands for PageGroup in Asia. This has enabled me to live and work across three countries and four offices within the group – years filled with tremendous life experiences.

Recently, something was missing though. I didn’t know what, although I had this recurring feeling, almost like a restlessness that wouldn’t go away.

Fast forward to the third quarter of 2019, and I had a chance meeting with a past client, to discuss a critical leadership assignment. Something clicked, and I decided to get back into the game – and in this case to personally recruit for the position.

Changing lives

Deep into the process – the search, the screening, the interviewing and negotiating – the offer finally came in. I received the call, met the candidate that weekend, and ultimately heard her acceptance as well as the heartfelt “thank you” from her family for changing their lives.

Filling this role enabled my candidate to return back to her home country, to live close to her aging parents – and ultimately to get promoted to her dream MD role.

After all these years, it hit me again. I was hooked. The light bulb had switched back on in my head and I could not escape what I used to love to do. It recalled for me our PageGroup purpose statement (‘Changing lives for people, through creating opportunities to reach potential’). And I thought: this is what I’ve been missing. That connection.

Returning to the basics and finding balance

I then wrote the 2020 business plan and goals for my team and I, based on this desire to change more lives.

Clearly I will keep focusing on my regional leadership role. Yet getting personally back into executive recruitment again has me excited about the year ahead. At the time of writing this, as we nose into a new business year, I have various meetings and pitches on the go, and am active on a few assignments.

Overall, I’m feeling truly open for business. I’m so looking forward to a massive year ahead with my candidates, clients, and teams across the region. Let’s pursue our passions together in 2020.

If you are thinking about pursuing your passion for a new leadership role with me or the team, take a look at Singapore’s Page Executive listings today. I'd be happy to meet you.



Jon Goldstein
Senior Partner
T: +86 21 6062 3011
E: [email protected]


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