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It all comes down to understanding the brief. Through communication and understanding, I can use my knowledge and network to find profiles that take companies to the next level.

Over her career, Fabiola has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in recruitment, first cutting her teeth with operational roles, before making the leap to senior and C-level positions, working closely with businesses to identify the profiles that see companies shift to the next level. 

After 12 years rising through the ranks in executive search, she arrived on the scene at Page Executive in 2021, with a clear vision of the leadership profiles that make change in business. In her current role as a Partner specialising in the consumer and industrial sectors, she is part of a highly collaborative and versatile team that focuses on results — without forgetting people. 

Fabiola has recruited for senior positions ranging from engineering and manufacturing to legal, IT, sales and human resources. Even so, she builds on her considerable expertise and continues to work with colleagues to give herself an even wider pool of resources to draw on when working with clients. 

Fabiola prioritises gaining a full understanding of every client’s company culture, which means clear, open communication. She takes her brief and adds her experience in finding high-impact executives for senior roles, focusing on what each company really needs rather than the most impressive CV. 

Throughout the executive search process, she builds trust with an easy-going personality paired with a professionalism that dots all the i's and crosses the t's. Previous clients have praised her for her open, free-flowing communication, keeping everybody in the loop with regular updates and detailed reasoning behind her recommendations.

Out of office hours, Fabiola stays active as a keen horse rider and runner. On a personal level, she is family focused and also dedicates her time to non-profit foundations. 

Placement Record

  • Finance VP - Retail
  • CISO – Higher Education
  • Legal Director – Construction
Fabiola Gonzalez
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