• Life Sciences


What I love the most about Executive Search is that I am a true advisor and a game changer for companies.

Manuel is a Page Executive Partner based in Mexico who focuses his considerable executive search skills on the healthcare and life sciences sectors. 

Before moving into recruitment, Manuel spent more than 10 years in international consulting and business development across Mexico, Spain and Brazil. He brought his wealth of practical experience to recruitment in 2013 and quickly climbed through consultancy and managerial roles in healthcare, retail and sales and marketing practices. 

Manuel’s current role as a Page Executive Partner neatly integrates all areas of his professional background. Having worked in international business development, he is uniquely positioned to advise multinational businesses and non-profits on recruitment strategies. Manuel sees his impressive track record reflected in that of his colleagues and continues to develop his executive acumen through our collaborative environment.

On a personal level, Manuel finds his inspiration in improving his candidates’ lives and bolstering organisational cultures and results. His drive comes through immediately in the passion he brings to executive search assignments. Manuel is known for his deep knowledge of the healthcare and life sciences industries and his transparency and attentiveness throughout the process. His vast recruitment experience with companies of all sizes allows him to add fresh insights to each brief and offer his clients a boutique recruitment strategy. 

In his free time, Manuel is a keen reader, chef and football fan. However, he dedicates most of his time away from executive search to his wife and two children.

Placement Record

•    General Manager - National clinical laboratory group
•    Senior Value and Market Access Director - Top multinational pharmaceutical company
•    Ethics and Compliance Director - Top multinational medical devices company
•    Business Unit Director - Top multinational pharmaceutical company with a speciality care portfolio
•    Scientific Affairs Director - US-based non-profit organisation