This study aims to present a picture of what current salaries are like for private bankers/asset managers with senior profiles within the Spanish Market. To compile this information, we have taken into account a series of factors that can directly affect the salary itself, such as : 


  • The type of entity where the banker works
  • His/her “seniority” in terms of career and hierarchical levels reached
  • The volume of assets or goodwill under his/her responsibility.


The data has been extracted and compiled from different selection processes, candidate evaluations, and ad hoc salary studies that we have seen over the past year in Page Executive’s Financial Services Division. That said, we have obtained the information firsthand, which allows us to offer a true reflection of the current salary situation and panorama. The study focuses on Spain and the information gathered is from more than 500 professionals from areas, business units and private banking departments.


At Page Executive and its Financial Services Division, we take the search for and selection of private bankers at various hierarchical levels very seriously as they are extremely complicated searches and as remuneration and salaries play an important part in attracting talent and selecting the best professionals. We intend to provide general information with this study. In the case of there being interest in building a more specific model or study, we would be happy to assist you.






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