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Hiring interim executives is simply fascinating. Every assignment demands a fresh strategy.

Margaux Perrier is a Page Executive Partner who is based in France but brings a remarkable international outlook to each of her executive search missions. 

Margaux planted the seeds of her global mindset during her BA in Economics in Glasgow, before further developing it through a Master's in Finance at Skema Business School in Suzhou, China. Armed with this international background, Margaux arrived in Brussels in 2010 where she made an immediate impact, leading a finance, accounting and insurance recruitment team for five years. Since then, she has broadened her scope, offering tailored, qualitative HR solutions, and spreading her sphere of expertise into industrial and operations functions. It was then a natural next step to specialise in C-suite and board-level assignments, so in 2022, she joined Page Executive to become more involved in her clients’ strategic planning.

But what really sets Margaux apart is her deep knowledge of interim leadership. She has never been afraid to share her prowess, having launched two interim management divisions in Strasbourg and Lille, and she continues to be a global thought leader for the Page Executive team. Margaux has taken no shortcuts to achieve her reputation. Her potent mix of experience, savoir-faire and an extensive network is built on a wealth of diverse assignments for unique clients, all with their own pain points and organisational goals. 

When you get to Margaux's level of quality, you can be confidently flexible in your approach. Her past clients consistently praise her ability to think creatively and offer out-of-the-box solutions, but this can only blossom from a robust executive search methodology. According to those she has served, her passion for executive search is clear and comes across with a positive energy, a boutique service and an instinctive understanding of her client’s needs. 

Margaux has passions outside of the office too and is always keen to go horse riding or ponder the latest Banksy piece. Despite her international mindset, she holds two quintessentially French traditions dear: good food and fine wines. 

Margaux Perrier
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