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For success in Executive Search, you need innovative solutions without losing sight of your client’s goals.

Mark Donnelly is a Page Executive Senior Partner across Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia, and a leading light in senior and C-level recruitment in the industrial sector. 

After seven years as a supply chain manager, Mark switched to recruitment in 2005, where he focused on procurement and supply chain positions in the UK and Singapore. In 2010, he relocated to Malaysia, where he managed teams in Engineering, Manufacturing, Property and Construction, and Procurement and Supply, while also recruiting in the emerging markets of Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Having proved himself more than capable of introducing technical practices to Southeast Asian markets, Mark was charged with launching a Vietnam team from the ground up in 2018. A Page Executive Senior Partner since the summer of 2023, he previously headed up the office he created, which now boasts Finance, Sales and Marketing, IT, Digital, HR, and Engineering and Supply Chain teams operating in Vietnam and Cambodia.

In addition to his recruitment experience and extensive network of leaders, Mark’s leadership style brings a deep understanding of ethical and cultural considerations to the table. A frequent speaker at leading industry events, he is also a champion of sustainable, meaningful leadership positions for women in the Asia-Pacific region. On an operational level, Mark has an instinct for innovation and looks for creative ways to reinvigorate organisations. 

With a proven track record to back up his approach, he inspires confidence by getting to the fine details of each assignment. He then draws on his extensive market knowledge and recruitment expertise to enhance the brief for the best fit from a performance and cultural perspective. Mark’s clients value his combination of confidence and diligence, his ability to source non-traditional candidates outside the conventional sphere, and his commitment to a goal-oriented vision. 

Despite his work taking place across Southeast Asia, Mark’s British roots come through when he leaves the office. He is a passionate football and cricket fan but loves nothing more than spending time with his family. 

Placement Record

•    COO — Food Ingredients
•    MD — Industrial Machinery
•    Development Director — Real Estate

Mark Donnelly
Senior Partner
Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia
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